SPH-flow : innovation in multiphysics and fluid simulations

SPH-flow is one of the most advanced SPH solver dedicated to complex physics simulation developed within the SPH-flow consortium, currently by Ecole Centrale Nantes and NEXTFLOW Software. The objectives of this consortium are to gather academic and industrial partners around the same solver, sharing resources and competence for the benefits of it's members.


SPH-flow is a solver regularly validated on several classical test cases. In this section of this web site, you will discover a part of those benchmarks, and see the ability and accuracy of the solver to perform high dynamic simulations, multiphase or multi species computations, or multiphase simulations.


Despite SPH-flow is a relatively young solver, you can discover its ability to solve complex applications, such as : complex topologies and geometries, complex free surface problems, complex physics involving fluid structure interactions ... Get a quick overview of the possibilities offered by the SPH method by clicking on the link bellow.

Main features

  • 2D and 3D code
  • MPI parallelism with efficiency from 85 to 100%
  • Specific pre-treatment algorithms for iges, stl, ... or arbitrary 3D surface mesh importation for geometry description
  • Specific post-traitment for free surface capturing or fields visualisation
  • Fluid structure interaction with SPH / SPH or SPH / FEM models
  • Variable spatial discretization
  • 6 degrees of freedom model, fixed, forced or free motions


SPH-flow Consortium

SPH-flow is developed within a dynamic consortium of academic and industrial partners. The aim of this consortium is to gather the resources and funding around a unique SPH-solver, for the benefit of its members
For academic members, the consortium gives them the access to a supported 3D MPI SPH solver, allowing them to concentrate on the development of new models and sharing experiences with a dynamic community.
For industrial partners, the consortium gives them the access to the up to date version of the SPH-flow solver, allows them to orient the researches on this solver toward their main needs, and gives them several other advantages compared to open source or commercial solvers.

Examples of applications


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