SPH-flow Consortium

SPH method represents a scientific and technological breakthrough in the domain of flow, multiphysics and multispecies simulations. Even though it is a relatively young method, the SPH-flow solver is currently able to perform simulations that are practically unattainable with classical CFD methods. This is particularly significant when high dynamic, multiphysics, multispecies or complex topologies occur. However, further developments need to be performed in order to increase its domain of application. NEXTFLOW Software is in charge of the industrial valorisation of the SPH-flow solver, and is supported by ECN and the French Ministry of Research with the objective to develop an industrial solver able to provide solutions to a wide range of problems. In order to fulfil these objectives, NEXTFLOW Software and ECN are building a consortium involving academic and industrial partners.

Joining the consortium will allow industrial and academic members to get benefits, such as :
- the access to an advanced and maintained 3D parallel SPH solver
- the ability to implement new models with a limited investment compared with the development and maintenance of an own SPH solver
- the right to participate to the annual Consortium meeting showing improvements and new features of the solver
- the ability to orient the development toward it’s own needs, and to share the founding with other partners
- the ability to propose test cases that will be included in the validation process of the SPH-flow solver
- the access to a dedicated forum with practical information, tutorials, benchmarks, test cases and more

A Consortium Scientific Board will be in charge of the coordination the scientific developments of the SPH-flow solver. It will be lead by a Consortium Scientific Director. Both academic or industrial members can join the Consortium Scientific Board.

For more information about the SPH-Flow Consortium, please feel free to contact NEXTFLOW Software