Validation of SPH-flow solver

Validation is with development a key activity in order to develop an accurate and efficient solver. This section will allow you to show the ability of SH-flow solver to accurately deals with different test cases. This efficiency is due to the very important and fundamental work performed in order to improve the SPH model accuracy.

Academic test cases

Academic test cases are the basic tests performed on the SPH model. They allow to evaluate the stability and accuracy of different schemes and kernels.

Fluid Impac test cases

Thos test cases include classical benchmark on pure fluid simulation. We present in this section the most significant.

Structure test cases

Structure test cases allow to validate the ability of SPH-flow to deal with deformable structures under loads.

Fluid / structure test cases

Those test cases allow to validate the ability of SPH-flow solver to perform complex fluid / structure simulations.

Multiphasic test cases

Multiphase simulations are validated on several test cases, showing the interest of SPH model on non-missible phases.

Thermic test cases

The thermic model included in SPH-flow solver is currently under validation.